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Yoga Solutions For the whole family

Lindsey Jackson is the proud owner of Yoga Solutions. A Certified Yoga Instructor and busy mom of three children, Lindsey has practised Yoga for almost 15 years and is passionate about helping others to reach their goals. Using her creative spirit, big heart and love of yoga,  Lindsey teaches in a way that allows everyone to understand and feel the benefits of their yoga practise. Yoga Solutions offers group instruction to the whole family, with weekly classes for kids, teens, families and adults. Lindsey also provides  private yoga instruction for people with specific needs as well as coaching in nutrition, exercise and meditation for a holistic approach to well being. No stranger to research, studying biology in University and working as a Microbiologist for many years, Lindsey is able to gather information from many sources, bring it together and create a plan that will work perfectly for you and your individual                                     needs.

“I grew up in England and moved to Canada when I was sixteen years old. I always remember feeling drawn to explore my spirituality and when I found yoga as a teenager, it was the perfect way for me to nurture my spiritual side and keep my body healthy at the same time. During difficult times, Yoga classes were the only time I felt relaxed. Over the past 15 years yoga has become a part of me and now I find it helps me tremendously in all aspects of life.  Yoga is a holistic approach to health and fulfillment and as such, regular practise can really have a profound influence in your life. Yoga teaches us to accept life for what it is and to have faith that things are working just as they should. It also teaches us to take care of ourselves first and encourages us to listen to, and trust, our inner voice. I want to help people feel healthy, strong and fulfilled by teaching them everything I have learned through my experience of Yoga. I look forward to meeting you.” - Lindsey